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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DEOCS report?

Because the DEOCS is an assessment of a commander’s or leader’s unit or organizational climate, it is necessary for the survey administrator to acknowledge that they have (1) obtained consent from the commander/leader to request a DEOCS and (2) obtained consent from the commander/leader to receive the DEOCS report.

Can I use DEOCS in my survey?

DEOCS? In a way, yes. In addition to the core questions that are asked of all participants, survey administrators can select up to ten multiple choice questions (formally known as locally developed questions, or LDQs) and up to five short answer questions (SAQs) from a custom question bank when registering their survey.3

How does the DEOCS registration portal work?

DEOCS Registration Portal, the survey administrator will enter the commander/leader’s name and e-mail, and an e-mail will be sent to the commander/leader asking them to approve or deny the DEOCS request. The commander/leader can either approve the DEOCS request in the email they receive or log in to the DEOCS Portal and approve or

What does a survey administrator do?

The survey administrator is the individual who oversees the entire command climate assessment process. This includes registering a DEOCS, adding a customized set of questions if desired, coordinating outreach to participants (i.e., invitation and reminder emails), and tracking response rates. This individual also receives the DEOCS results

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