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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Department of Defense organizational climate survey?

This Department of Defense survey is authorized by your leadership to measure the organizational climate in your unit. This survey contains approximately 57 questions that will require a response. You also have the opportunity to provide written comments.

Can I use DEOCS in my survey?

DEOCS? In a way, yes. In addition to the core questions that are asked of all participants, survey administrators can select up to ten multiple choice questions (formally known as locally developed questions, or LDQs) and up to five short answer questions (SAQs) from a custom question bank when registering their survey.3

How do I access the DEOCS portal?

current DEOCS Portal. To do this, log in to the DEOCS Portal and navigate to the Interactive Dashboard by clicking on “My Applications” and then “Interactive Dashboard.” Next, click on the “DEOCS v4.1 Downloads” tab and use the “Service,” "Unit/Organization Title,” “Survey Date,” “Group,” and “Report Type” filters to identify the

Do commanders have to conduct a command climate survey?

Commands that have completed a command climate survey since Jan. 4 with version 5.0 do not have to conduct another to meet this requirement. The Navy requires command climate assessment within 90 days of a commander’s assumption of command. Follow-ups are due every 9 to 12 months during that commander’s tenure.

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