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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Department of Defense organizational climate survey?

This Department of Defense survey is authorized by your leadership to measure the organizational climate in your unit. This survey contains approximately 57 questions that will require a response. You also have the opportunity to provide written comments.

What is a DEOCS and why is it important?

Because the DEOCS is an assessment of a commander’s or leader’s unit or organizational climate, it is necessary for the survey administrator to acknowledge that they have (1) obtained consent from the commander/leader to request a DEOCS and (2) obtained consent from the commander/leader to receive the DEOCS report. In the

Who is responsible for creating a positive climate in the Army?

All Army leaders contribute to and help shape a positive climate (AR 600-100). Commanders and senior NCOs, in particular, are responsible for establishing a positive climate and taking proactive steps to remove obstacles that negatively affect a unit’s climate (AR 600-20).

What is the Command Climate Navigator?

Welcome to the Command Climate Navigator! This resource was created to help company commanders and senior NCOs build more positive command climates in order to increase unit effectiveness. Review this two-minute video for a quick overview of this resource. Load the Command Climate Navigator video with audio description.

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