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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plexplexopathy?

Plexopathy is a recognized complication of radiation therapy, occurring most commonly in the brachial plexus [1], following regional treatment of breast, lung or neck cancers. Malignant plexopathy may involve any of the peripheral nerve plexuses.

What is brachial plexopathy?

Disease/disorder: 2. Essentials of Assessment 3. Rehabilitation Management and Treatments 4. Cutting Edge/emerging and Unique Concepts and Practice 5. Gaps in the Evidence-Based Knowledge References 1. Disease/disorder: Brachial plexopathy is an injury of the brachial plexus, most commonly caused by trauma. 1

What is lumbosacral plexopathy?

Lumbosacral plexopathy Lumbosacral plexopathy is characterized by the inflammation and damage to the nerve network present in the area of lumbar and sacral vertebrae region in the human body. This condition is very less common than the brachial plexopathies.

What are the signs and symptoms of plexopathy?

Wasting of the weak muscles follows rapidly and can be very striking in some patients. The wasting can be misleading, prompting the thoughts of a disease of much longer duration. Muscle stretch reflexes are impaired or absent in weakened muscles. Most plexopathies are incomplete as one or more muscles in the same root distribution are spared.

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