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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install plexiglass on a balcony railing?

Hold the plexiglass in place on the balcony railing, centering it for the best effect but making sure there are gaps of no more than two inches all around. Secure it in place using cable ties.

Where to buy plexi glass?

"Fab Glass and Mirror is the best place to buy plexi glass from...." Fab Glass and Mirror is the best place to buy plexi glass from. We ordered in large quantity for our new buidling and are happy with the quality and finish of the glass. Highly recommended.

What to do with plexiglass deck slats?

The slats could work to shield the view to the neighbors yard. covered patio and balcony - actually pinning this as a reminder of how much I don't like the look of the plexiglass... Factory Supply Plexiglass Deck Railing - Buy Plexiglass Deck Railing ...

Why choose plexiglass sheets for bathroom enclosures?

Plexiglass sheets are a great substitute for window glass panes since they are clear like glass. The use of this plastic is ideal because of easier maintenance since they don’t attract dirt like their glass counterparts. Plexiglass is strong, hence an excellent choice to build bathroom enclosures. Plexiglass panels do not crack easily; therefore

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