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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Plex support 4K?

Plex's redesigned desktop media player comes with 4K support. Aside from the redesigned and speedier UI, which brings it in line with Plex's smart TV, console and set-top apps, there's support for a "true" 4K interface, multi-channel music tracks and improved compatibility with H.265 video files, among other things.

What is Plex and how does it work?

Plex is also a media center application – that is, a program that makes it easy to access your media. Plex acts as an organizer, content discovery tool, and portal to all of the content on your server – as well as to streamable content from outside of your personal collection.

What is Plex Direct Stream?

Streaming Media: Direct Play and Direct Stream. Plex is designed to let many Apps play media from a central Server. You can playback media on your local network, stream it over the internet, or physically sync media to a mobile device. This flexibility isn’t hassle-free, though.

What is a Plex server?

Plex is a client-server media player system and software suite comprising two main components. The Plex Media Server desktop application runs on Windows, macOS and Linux-compatibles including some types of NAS devices.

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