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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch live TV on Plex?

That means you can watch and record shows via Plex Live TV on the Shield, as well as use it to beam them to any iOS device with the Plex app. Plex says support for Apple TV and Android mobile devices will arrive in the next few weeks.

What is a Plex program?

Plex is a sophisticated media management program that takes your entire collection of movies, music, and still images and presents it in a slick and navigable package.

What is Plex cloud sync?

Cloud sync is a plex pass feature that optimizes media, and uploads it to your linked cloud storage accounts. Plex will stream from Google Drive, it's one of the supported cloud storage options for Cloud Sync. So yes I think it does belong here in /r/plex. He's asking for opinions on how to make it work best for him.

What is Plex cloud server?

Plex Cloud is basically a cloud version of the Plex Media Server, eliminating electricity and maintenance costs in the process. Amazon's reliable hosting platform takes care of the storage and Plex has "worked a little bit of magic" to enable the same transcoding options that some of the better home network storage solutions provide.

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