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Where is Zhangzhou located?

Zhangzhou proper lies on the banks of the Jiulong River in southern Fujian about 35 miles (56 km) from central Xiamen, whose urban core has grown to form a single urbanized area with it. The prefecture of Zhangzhou comprises the southeastern corner of the province, surrounding Xiamen.

What are the best places to visit in Zhangzhou?

Zhangzhou Jiulong Park Located in the middle of the city of Zhangzhou, Juilong Park, or nine dragons park offers the weary traveler a relaxing... 4. Zhangzhou Maluan Bay 5. TianXia MeiShiJie It will be good to visit again to better explore this place during the day perhaps.... 6. Zhangzhou Dongmen Island 7. Lin Yutang Memorial Hall 8.

How many urban districts are in Zhangzhou?

Zhangzhou comprises 4 urban districts, and 7 counties . is claimed by the PRC. During the 2020 Chinese census, the entire area of Zhangzhou was home to 5,054,328 inhabitants. Along with the 2,120,178 people of central Xiamen, its urban districts of Xiangcheng, Longwen, Longhai and Changtai, form a single metropolitan area of about 7,284,148 people.

Why was Zhangzhou occupied?

The old city of Zhangzhou (now Xiangcheng District) was occupied in April and May 1932 by a column of Communist guerrillas under Mao Zedong. Due to the presence of Western gunboats in Xiamen Bay, arms shipments from the Soviet Union were unable to get up the Jiulong River to Mao's forces and the main Communist bases.

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