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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Junior Development Tour?

The Junior Development Tour is a way for juniors to gain competitive golf experience in a more relaxed and fun environment. It is a way for junior golfers to gain knowledge of the rules, etiquette and competitive nature of tournament golf. The Players Tour is the flagship level of our program.

What is the Players Tour?

The Players Tour is the flagship level of our program. It is designed to serve juniors of a wide range of playing ability, from juniors that have advanced through the Junior Development Tour, to those looking to earn an invite into the Toyota Tour Cup Series.

What is the SCPGA junior tour?

The SCPGA Junior Tour strives to foster and develop these values that will positively impact our member’s character on and off the golf course. Established in 1948, the Southern California PGA now hosts one of the largest and most respected junior golf programs in the country.

Why should you choose junior tours?

With superior knowledge and experience, we make North America’s great cities a feast for young minds. You can count on affordable prices, easy payment plans and customized itineraries any time you travel with Junior Tours. Educational travel dreams start right here, with destinations that fire student imaginations.

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