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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SourceForge a safe website?

Yes, is safe to use and download software from. SourceForge scans every open source software project uploaded to We’ve also disabled automatic downloads on projects that have been flagged, so a user would manually have to proceed with downloading a file that may contain malware.

Is SourceForge legitimate?

Yes, SourceForge Is One of the Bad Download Websites. RELATED: Yes, Every Freeware Download Site is Serving Crapware (Here's the Proof) SourceForge built up a lot of goodwill in the past, being a centralized place for downloading open-source software and hosting software repositories.

Does SourceForge have viruses?

Sourceforge is a housing for open source stuff anyway so I doubt anyone would be stupid enough to bundle a virus inside it. After all, who in their right mind would try to hide a virus in something where all the code is visible… Someone who realizes that a lot of people take “open source code” for granted and thus never check it.

Are downloads from SourceForge safe?

With this, Arm and partner companies are looking to provide a faster route to functionally safe designs. “Major technology leaps are transforming software architecture requirements and driving the industry to a software-centric future,” said Bill Foy ...

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