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Frequently Asked Questions

What is plexxis labor apps?

The Plexxis Labor Apps solve this dilemma, offering a complete Construction Management Software solution for acquiring reliable data from the field, including timelogs, attendance, and safety information - and then routing all data through your accounting, payroll, and operations workflows. One Solution. One Team. 100% for Subcontractors.

What is plexplexxis?

Plexxis has combined all app functions into one, while fully automating the transfer and translation of data.

What is plexxis Foreman super app?

The Plexxis Foreman Super App enables live feedback between bidding, field and finance while automating workflows for T&M ticket/EWAs, man hour/ day & material breakouts, purchase orders, daily reporting, custom forms, tools & equipment, RFIs, submittals, job docs, photos & notes and file sharing.

What is plexxis Cloud construction management software?

All features of our Cloud Construction Management Software are focused on subcontractor workflows aimed at eliminating overages related to customizations for subcontractors and the redirection of fees to R&D for GCs and other industries. Empower your estimators and PMs to create and manage budgets that easily integrate with all Plexxis modules.

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