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Frequently Asked Questions

Is plexus good or bad?

Plexus Slim, owned by Plexus Worldwide, has been around for a few years, being promoted by “Ambassadors”. These Ambassadors receive compensation in return for trying to bring individuals into the Plexus way. Studies have shown that Plexus may cause more harm than good.

What you should know about plexus?

What You Should Know about Plexus. Plexus Worldwide, an Arizona-based MLM that markets nutritional supplements, weight-loss, and personal care products, calls itself the “health and happiness” company and boasts that it offers life-changing financial freedom for recruits who only have to spend a few hundred dollars toward start-up costs.

How to take plexus products for best results?

Plexus Slim is a powdered weight loss supplement that you mix with water and drink. It contains 4 active ingredients claimed to help you lose weight.

Does the plexus diet supplement really work?

The Plexus Slim system has been shown to be effective in a least a few individuals. It’s almost impossible to get any accurate data from a reliable third party, because almost everyone you see telling you that it works will be trying to sell you on it.

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