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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything to see here for plexus?

Nothing to see here. No, really. We hate it when this happens, but the page you’re looking for couldn’t be found. Let’s get you back on the road to Health and Happiness. Check out our homepage, shop our amazing products, or learn more about the Plexus opportunity.

What can plexplexus do with my data?

Plexus may collect, use, share, transfer and otherwise process de-identified and aggregated information that it receives or creates for any purposes in its sole discretion, in compliance with applicable laws.

What is plexus’s California Privacy Center?

Plexus® understands that data privacy laws and regulations are constantly changing. Given the recent passage of state laws, including those in California, Plexus has launched this Privacy Center to provide you with greater transparency into our data practices and your options with respect to your data.

Who owns plexus personal information?

Plexus is the sole and exclusive owner of such de-identified and aggregated information, including if Plexus de-identifies Personal Information so that it no longer is capable of identifying an individual. The Site is not directed at children under 18 years of age.

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