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Does plexiglass insulate better than glass?

Plexiglass is more transparent than glass and allows more light to enter the house. Glass allows about 80% of light to pass though it but Plexiglass allow 90% to pass. In regions where the sunlight is not so bright and the use of natural light should be maximized, Plexiglass is the better alternative.

Will Home Depot cut plexiglass to size?

Home Depot does not offer plexiglass cutting. If you inquire very politely and on a slow day/time (7–9am is recommended) you may find someone in Millworks/Tool Rental/Building Materials able to assist. The trick to cutting plexi is to score the surface like glass with a long blade, not a pointed blade.

How thick should This plexiglass be?

These include: As mentioned, you'll want reasonably thick plexiglass if you're wanting it to make a difference to noise levels. I'd recommend using plexiglass that's between 3/8 to ½ an inch thick. You'll only want to use window-grade plexiglass, as this is scratch-resistant and won't fade in the sunlight. ... Air gap. ... Number of panes. ...

Is plexiglass and acrylic glass the same thing?

Although coming from the same family of polymers, there is a noticeable difference between the acrylic glass and Plexiglas. The latter commands better visual appearance and strength. However, it can still be a challenge to procure the exact product since the terms acrylic transparent sheet, and Plexiglass are used interchangeably way too often.

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