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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I install plexamp on Raspberry Pi Zero?

The first problem is Plexamp depends on an outdated version of NodeJS 9.11.2, and this version is not available for the Pi Zero in the Debian repository. So we’re going to have to install it manually. The NodeJS archive of tarballs is here and for the Pi Zero we want ARM6L version.

Is it possible to stream plexamp to a hi-fi stereo?

I wanted to be able to stream Plexamp to my hi-fi stereo the same way I do other music, and of course this is a problem that can be solved with a Raspberry Pi. This is stuff I had laying around in my electronics bin, any Pi with any type of soundcard (whether a hat or USB).

How do I cast to plexamp from PLEX Web UI?

Open the plexamp.service file and change the ExecStart line to read /usr/local/bin/node instead of /usr/bin/node You can now cast to your Plexamp from the Plex Web UI! I hope Plex continues to improve upon this beta – Plexamp has changed the way I listen to my music library.

What do you think about plexplex?

Plex is a great self hosted solution, but it needs more DIY solutions to make sure all that media can be streamed to all devices. I'm a professional artist who likes to tinker with building things in my spare time.

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