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Frequently Asked Questions

Is plexaderm bad for skin?

Though Plexaderm is primarily made of synthetic materials, it is considered a safe product with no significant safety concerns. Although, there is some evidence that it may be irritating to the skin, and it may also hurt the eyes if it comes into contact with the naked eye.

Does plexaderm actually work?

Thus, it does nothing to permanently reduce or delay signs of skin aging. What Can and Can’t Plexaderm Do? Plexaderm appears to begin working on visible signs of aging about 15 minutes after application. Some users report increased smoothness in the under-eye and forehead areas. The product may also slightly soften and enhance the skin to the touch.

Does plexaderm really work review?

This product (Plexaderm) works as advertised. The only drawback is that it only works for a few minutes. The bags/circles returned under my eyes after 10min. I followed the directions that came with the product exactly. I tried plexiderm several times and each time with the same results.

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