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Frequently Asked Questions

Does plexplex support DTS audio?

Plex does not support DTS (if you have the gear to push it), and it will be transcoded on the plex server-side and then streamed. Does the app support DTS audio?

What is direct play on Plex server?

Direct Play This is the ultimate way you want your Plex Media Server to handle a media file it is streaming to a client device. When Plex chooses to direct play a file, that means the media file is 100% compatible with the client device, and the Plex server needs to do nothing with the media file except send it to the client device.

Why does plexplex choose to Direct Stream a file to clients?

Plex chooses to direct stream a file to a client when the client doesn't natively support the container of the media file, but both the video and audio formats are supported. For example, you media file is in an mkv container, but the client only supports mp4.

How to directly Play Plex Media without transcoding?

In order to direct play as much as possible, and avoid transcoding, you would need to know the clients that are connect to your Plex server. It may be easy when only your devices are used to connect to your Plex server, but if you allow others outside your home to stream your media, then things get a bit more complicated.

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