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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Plex on DSM 7 beta?

Plex Installation Guide on the DSM 7.0 Beta Step 1 – Head To The App Center. Step 2 – Go to the Beta Section. Step 3 – Find Plex Media Server and select Join Beta. Step 4 – Install Beta Application (speed depends on Internet Connection). Step 6 – (This is the NEW bit) Give the Plex... Step 10 – ...

Will Synology DSM 7 affect Plex Media Server?

The New Synology DSM 7 beta has arrived and despite its huge array of new features, there are a few areas where some users who upgraded their existing NAS system from 6.2>7.0 have hit a wall – namely with Plex Media Server.

What is plexmediaserver in PMS?

Effective PMS, PlexMediaServer presents a shared folder for the purpose of backing up your metadata and for emergency repairs ONLY. User Plex is no longer needed. DSM 7 required the username to change. We therefore decided to use PlexMediaServer to match the package name.

What's the latest version of Plex?

UPDATE: New Plex Version brings some changes regarding installer and screens regarding this: UPDATE: Added info what to do in case you get into trouble with an unclaimed or lost Plex server - " My Plex is lost! Now what? " as well as made changes to the article due to changes that came with the installer after 1.24.4

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