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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Plex account free?

Plex Account. Plex Web App offers a fuller experience when signed into your Plex Account. When signed in, it will show you media from your account as well as enabling extra features if you’re a Plex Pass subscriber. A Plex Account is a free and optional service that helps extend your media’s reach.

What is Plex cloud server?

Plex Cloud is basically a cloud version of the Plex Media Server, eliminating electricity and maintenance costs in the process. Amazon's reliable hosting platform takes care of the storage and Plex has "worked a little bit of magic" to enable the same transcoding options that some of the better home network storage solutions provide.

What is a Plex user?

Plex (software) The Plex Media Server desktop application runs on Windows, macOS and Linux -compatibles including some types of NAS devices. The server desktop application organizes video, audio and photos from a user's collections and from online services, enabling the players to access and stream the contents.

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