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Is there a 'nihilistic' religion?

Nihilism is the religion of choice of those who would seek to enact specific social, belief, and egalitarian goals in the name of science. Goals which tender their group mandatory power, through the unification of science as government, and is characterized by the planned lack of your participation therein.

What is a more common word for Nihilistic?

Nihilistic Words Below is a massive list of nihilistic words - that is, words related to nihilistic. The top 4 are: fatalistic, pessimistic, anarchistic and misogynistic.

What does it mean to be nihilistic?

The definition of nihilistic is denial of all religions, moral rules and authority figures based on a belief that life is meaningless. Doing whatever you want without regard to the consequences or without regard to whether your actions are morally proper is an example of nihilistic. Of or relating to nihilism.

What does nihilist mean?

Nihilist definition. (philosophy, religion) A person who accepts or champions nihilism.

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