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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Waystar Bill?

You can pay your bill, ask questions about your statement, log in or reset your password at If you need to verify employment for a current or former Waystar employee, please follow this link. If you’re a patient, you can pay your bill, ask questions about your statement, log in or reset your password at

How does Waystar work with Medicare?

Thanks to Waystar’s real-time unique connection to Medicare, healthcare providers get comprehensive patient data in one quick step and within seconds. This includes patient personal information like name, birth date, gender and Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI).

Why should you choose Waystar?

Waystar’s innovative technology simplifies and unifies the revenue cycle, helps improve financials and creates greater transparency for patients. You need a partner who can see the long view and quickly adapt to new challenges.

What's new in Waystar Analytics Pro + peak?

New competitive benchmarking. Waystar Analytics Pro + Peak now offer competitive benchmarking so you can easily measure performance against industry peers. Find out how you stack up today!

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