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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gcomb and how does it work?

It works by parsing GCode files and producing an image for each layer of the printed object, any of which can then be viewed. GComb was originally written on Mac OS X using Eclipse with Java version 1.7.0_25, and was made for a Makerbot™ The Replicator Dual printing Skeinforge 50-generated GCode files.

What is a gcmobapk?

What is a gCMOBapk ? in this app is software used for surveillance. It is used for access and control of live streaming from CP Plus DVRs, NVRs, IP cameras as well as video door phones. How to use gcmob app?

How to use gcmob on PC?

First open the Play Store, type “gcmob app for Windows” and download the APK from a legitimate publisher. When you are finally done installing the gcmob app on your PC, you can sync your cameras to it. Let’s see the details of the gCMOB app before downloading it into our machine.

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