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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the defense organizational climate survey (DEOCS)?

Go to survey portal DoD License # / OMB Control #:RCS DD-P&R-2338 For more info contact:[email protected] About the Survey The Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) is a Congressionally mandated unit-level climate survey that is available to all military commanders and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian organization leaders.

What is the DEOCS survey?

The survey collects information on unit climate, harassment and discrimination, diversity and inclusion, and other aspects of organizational climate. Over 1 million people take the DEOCS annually, including military members serving on active duty or in the Reserve/National Guard, Service Academy students, and DoD civilians.

What is a command climate survey?

Formal surveys include, but are not limited to, the DEOMI Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS), which is what is referred to as the “Command Climate Survey” throughout this resource. You can find resources for reviewing and interpreting your Command Climate Survey report here.

What is a DEOCS and why is it important?

Because the DEOCS is an assessment of a commander’s or leader’s unit or organizational climate, it is necessary for the survey administrator to acknowledge that they have (1) obtained consent from the commander/leader to request a DEOCS and (2) obtained consent from the commander/leader to receive the DEOCS report. In the

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