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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in the unit command climate survey?

Sound Off! Impact and anonymity of the Command Climate Survey There it is…the email requesting participation in the annual unit command climate survey. The Military Equal Opportunity Office at Joint Task Force-National Capital Region/U.S. Army Military District of Washington has invited all service members and civilians to participate.

What is the defense organizational climate survey (DEOCS)?

Go to survey portal DoD License # / OMB Control #:RCS DD-P&R-2338 For more info contact:[email protected] About the Survey The Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS) is a Congressionally mandated unit-level climate survey that is available to all military commanders and Department of Defense (DoD) civilian organization leaders.

Why is it important to build a positive command climate?

Being proactive in planning and building climate is a great way to show the formation that its leaders are serious about team cohesion and individual well-being. A handbook that Army leaders can use to understand, assess, create, and sustain a positive command climate and increase unit effectiveness.

What is the Command Climate Navigator?

Welcome to the Command Climate Navigator! This resource was created to help company commanders and senior NCOs build more positive command climates in order to increase unit effectiveness. Review this two-minute video for a quick overview of this resource. Load the Command Climate Navigator video with audio description.

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