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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under Medicare?

Medicare generally covers expenses related to doctor’s visits, hospital stays, surgery, outpatient care, home health care (including hospice), and brief stays in skilled nursing facilities. There are supplemental Medicare plans you can pay into that will cover some medical costs that would otherwise be out-of-pocket.

What is the deductible for Medicare?

Medicare plan costs fall into four major categories, including: Premium: The monthly cost of your plan, starting at $0. Deductible: The portion of your medical costs you will pay before insurance. Co-pay/Co-insurance: The portion of each medical claim you pay. Typically, this is a set amount, such as $20 per service or 20% per bill.

What are the benefits of Medicare?

Medicare helps people stay well: The program provides important preventive services and screenings at no charge. Medicare Part B offers a free wellness check-up annually, as well as periodic screenings for cardiovascular disease; cervical, vaginal and breast cancer for women; prostate cancer for men; diabetes; and depression.

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