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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a W2 employee?

W2 means you will be an payroll as an employee. That means the employer pays the employer side of payroll taxes (7.65%: FICA, Social Security, Medicare and Workers Comp), and handles income tax withholding (~20%).

Can I employ W2 Commission employees?

Be very careful hiring commission only employees as W-2 employees. If they are not out door sales people you will be liable for overtime pay. You must ensure that they earn the equivalent of minimum wage in commissions each month. It would be worth your while to hire an attorney for a short consult on this matter.

What is a W2 employee?

In short -- a "W2" ( IRS tax forms) contract means you are treated as an hourly employee. You will paid for the hours you work, but your employer will deduct Federal, State and Local income taxes from your pay, as well as public health, pension and disability insurance.

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