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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CarriersEdge right for your fleet?

Industry associations and insurers recommend CarriersEdge, and more than 2000 fleets currently use it as part of their driver training programs. Here is just some of what they have to say...

How do I login to my CarriersEdge account?

Welcome To CarriersEdge! To login, enter the username and password you were provided. Note: Username and password are not case sensitive. Forgot the login? Get help here

Why did ctcts choose to work with CarriersEdge?

CTS started working with CarriersEdge in 2015 after moving away from an online training program that was video based. "Ease of use, cost, and the quality of the material presented in the modules were what drove us to work with CarriersEdge," said LeRoy. "Online training is so much more convenient for our drivers, and our training staff.

How should you prepare for an interview at CarriersEdge?

Whether its vacations, appointments or anything else, as long as its known you won't be available (through Staff calendar) or predetermined schedule, they don't have a problem with it. How should you prepare for an interview at CarriersEdge? Just be yourself. There are no tricky questions. You will be expected to share your experience details.

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