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Frequently Asked Questions

When is best time to book vacation packages?

According to their survey, the best time to book a summer vacation rental is in January. While this may seem crazy early, especially for people traveling at the end of the summer, HomeAway reports that by April 1, the majority of their summer rentals have been booked up.

What does book Now, Pay Later mean?

With Book Now Pay Later, you don't pay for rooms until you arrive at the property. Rooms reserved in advance are guaranteed for your stay, but are only pay later hotel booking. If something arises that prevents you from attending your vacation, you will not be charged for losing or modifying your reservations.

Can you make payments on a vacation package?

Yes, payment plan family vacations exist! And not necessarily in layaway form. Some hotels, for example, only require a small deposit upon booking, leaving you plenty of time to save up. Other places, such as Disney World, offer bona fide payment plans.

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