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Frequently Asked Questions

How to add a book Now button to your Facebook page?

Here’s how to add a book now button to your Facebook page: 1. Log into your Facebook page Once there, go right to your Facebook admin panel and click on +Add a Button. 2. Select your call to action To make this choice easier, Facebook provides a list of options to match your purpose for the button.

Why can't I link my website to the book Now button?

Unfortunately, Facebook has removed the option to link your website to the Book Now button. This means connecting Facebook’s Book Now button to your booking page is no longer possible. Here is a work-around: Log in to Facebook and navigate to your Page

How do I open a book now account on Instagram?

Log into Instagram and go to your Profile page. Click Edit Profile. Select Contact Options. Click on Add an action button. Tap the Book Now option. Select Schedulicity from the list. You’ll then log in to your Schedulicity account. Confirm your settings by clicking Continue. And just like that — you’re open for business on IG!

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